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Stomach bloating What Do You Eat After Lap Band Surgery? - Nurse’s Guide Posted By: Helen Hecker

I know you may be thinking about getting weight loss surgery such as lap bad surgery but have many questions on your mind. One of the most common questions is what do you eat after lap band surgery? Many people ask if they can eat the same foods as before and if so in what amounts and many other probing questions.

Before you leave the hospital following your lap band surgery you’ll be fully instructed by the hospital dietitian or a clinical nutritionist. They will make sure you clearly understand what you can eat just following your adjustable gastric band surgery and what foods you can eat and how to eat, etc.

You’ll be on a clear liquid for the first 2- 4 days after your surgery. You don’t want to eat anything else because you could cause some serious problems such as erosion of the band or band slippage. If this happens, you would have to go back into surgery to correct it. Therefore, you want to follow the instructions for your lap band diet exactly.

If you drink coffee daily, caffeinated tea, caffeinated energy drinks, cola or root beer with caffeine drinks you’ll need to know that you want to get off these days or weeks before surgery because caffeine isn’t allowed for 90 days after your lap band procedure. So give it up long before so you don’t have caffeine withdrawal symptoms or caffeine headaches during your recovery from lap band surgery.

Carbonated drinks including diet pop, diet soda or carbonated mineral water can cause bloating and a change in the size of the stomach and are not permitted at all after lap band system surgery.

So after the first 90 days you’ll go on a modified liquid diet for about 2 months. This involves drinking a protein shake about every hour for 10-12 hours, which is combined with about 2 ounces of soup, gelatin with no sugar added or baby food or certain pureed food you make in a food processor. You’ll do this 3 times a day.

Then you’ll prepare your food in a food processor for about a month and a half. You can eat meats, vegetables and salads but they have to be shredded. Foods that are not allowed yet include starchy foods including potatoes and bread.

This diet can vary depending on the lap band patient’s obesity, weight loss goals and plans. How much weight you want to lose and how motivated you are will be important factors.

There is a lot more to this diet but much depends on your situation, your weight loss needs - how much weight you need to lose, your surgeon and doctor’s recommendations and any complications that may arise. Make sure to do plenty of research before you decide on lap band surgery so that you fully understand what is entailed before and after surgery so you end up with a good result.

stomach bloating

bloating stomach

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